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Posted by Pit Bull, Tue Jul-21-09 06:16 PM
My sayings aren't classics like a lotta people are sharing, but they are little bits of wisdom, mostly to do with things my dad taught me on how to be a man.

"Someone thats truly hard will never try to prove it. Especially with family, friends, and the ones he loves. Those people, if you're lucky, will never even know."

"Its not the job you have that defines who you are; its the job you do."

"If its worth fighting for, its worth getting your ass kicked for. If you don't have a good enough reason to step up and fight even if you know you're going to lose, you don't have a good enough reason to fight at all."


"It isn't worth killing for if it isn't worth dying for."

There were many others but those are the ones I try to remember every day.