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80953, RE: Wisdom Sharing ....
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Tue Jul-14-09 09:28 PM
>in lifE always go for the longshot not the sure thang!

*No Doubt* What LOOKS like a "sure thang" ain't always what it look like ... :(

>if ya ain't thought about ya ain't talked about! {*}

Does ^that^ go along with: "OUT OF SIGHT = OUT OF MIND"? -- :P

>love don't love nobody! (but y'all knew that)


>the quiet ones, ya always watch out for them!

You got ^that^ right -- and watch em' closely! ... cuz the LOUD ones will always call attention to themselves, but them quiet ones be doing "sneaky" stuff while you're lookin' the other way -- :9

>if ya wanna make GOD laugh, plan somethin'! (try it)

I have tried it -- And the joke is usually always on ME! -- x( -- But luckily we both have a bizarre sense of humor -- so I can dig it! ... (cuz what doesn't kill ya, makes U stronger)

*Word ^UP^*