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Topic subjectRE: I. Vixen
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78298, RE: I. Vixen
Posted by empro, Mon Jan-26-09 12:18 PM
>vexes many
>removes the velum off your cerebellum
>languishing in rhythm's prison
>encased in solitary confinement
>whispering to words committing verbicide
>varacious verbals shut up in my lungs
>written sanity on the walls of insane flows
>poetically waxing floors with eager content
>in your veins IntraVenously pumping with complexity
>I. Be prisms distorting mind views readily
>crumbling mounds of speech-tacular wit
>polishing off your veneer until I consume your psyche
>virtually becoming a virtuoso of trapped vernacular
>a visionary stealing your tongue
>futile attempt

i liked the very first 3 lines a lot. This flowed nicely and it appears to have a confident rhythm to it. Thanks for sharing with us

stay ^