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Topic subjectI. Vixen
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78295, I. Vixen
Posted by Intrepid Vixen, Mon Jan-26-09 08:22 AM
vexes many
removes the velum off your cerebellum
languishing in rhythm's prison
encased in solitary confinement
whispering to words committing verbicide
varacious verbals shut up in my lungs
written sanity on the walls of insane flows
poetically waxing floors with eager content
in your veins IntraVenously pumping with complexity
I. Be prisms distorting mind views readily
crumbling mounds of speech-tacular wit
polishing off your veneer until I consume your psyche
virtually becoming a virtuoso of trapped vernacular
a visionary stealing your tongue
futile attempt

When One learns
to live without fear,
then One cannot be broken.