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Topic subjectyou wish it was that ez
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76233, you wish it was that ez
Posted by Nathaniel, Sun Aug-17-08 02:10 PM
motherfuckers packed all my stuff 4 me
waited till I got 2 my work
and showed me my things
and then showed me they ass
told me where I could possibly "kiss" said ass(es)
then showed me several exit(s) from which I could find my way

been on my own since
unhappily so, happily so (w/ blunt),
looked back a few times, called back a bunch of times,
most of the time...no answer

i told anyone i could
of my hurt
my slaughter in the pews
as it were
no one cared for the most part
those that did
said I told u so
and then told me to get over it
and get on with my so-called life

didn't wanna
but did
on the bread and water
and memories of the meat

new season
better options
better looking
got a handle on some things
got like 2 or 3 ducks in a row
now i get called
now i get message(s)

you wish it was that ez