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Posted by SONO DEF, Sat Mar-01-08 08:42 PM
This is gonna sound corned up, but thinking about the one i love made me write this....

Bad scars, you tell me to never leave you
Scared the way i make you feel will only deceive you
And trust I believe you, hard to let the wall down
Been hurt badly before, so lover boy comes now
I never fail to see how, I listen and understand
Every day you greet me with a smile and grabb my hand
I go with no question, to understand, heres a start
Its a follow the leader thing, and i follow my heart
Scared to be ripped apart, though i'm nervous at times
If I feel this way about you and so strong, its a sign
And i'm glad your mine, no worries cuz i'm yours
You are the one i'd do almost anything for
Such a beautiful smile, just another perfect feature
She's an angel brought from heaven, just so i could reach her
God did me a favor, cuz i'm not worthy
To be with such perfection, you dont deserve me
But need much better, but i only try
And if its meant to be this way, i'll live these words till i die
But until my death angel comes rolling on in
You can be my love angel, my partner and friend...