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Topic subjectHa I love yous I'm puzzled troubled and juggled
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72541, Ha I love yous I'm puzzled troubled and juggled
Posted by Purple, Sat Mar-01-08 06:49 PM
I defile meanwhile I rile the Nile
With vile and bile wild and mild
Miles of idols through out the
Bible but while they were idle
I took form of a child named Micheal
for my most buyable lies told
by the sanest psycho side show nice flowed eyes swolled
twice stoled in fights chose to be the right mold of my folks
You like my jokes cause they serious as eyes poked while most
Cry soaked I boast in spite insight inside a host til the time is right
I'll just post my roast from the east to the west coast
Paint you with a fresh coat the best bloke to ever step forward
A sexplorer an ex warrior attest a test for words and will simply just scorch yours
Swords hurt wars cursed soar first with lord birthed
more birds that chirp than your church in worth
I work like the mirth of all that has searched
Mysterious delirious curious hear me just hear me no fuss just hear me whats