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Topic subjectYou Spoke of things unseen,
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72529, You Spoke of things unseen,
Posted by eclipsedInI, Thu Feb-28-08 09:30 AM

Became verbs that ran across my skin

From books with no spine

Papers peel back, like the skin off my thighs

As you ride

And rid me of I

But I still want you

I want to sing you into existence from that imagined image from whence you came

You were figurative and then I shaped your figure with my hand

Then you became, but were the mother of me

However not incestuously, you birth me with your love

Within your touch

Or the love I had for you

Out of my empty arms you filled me

And then I was

So now I am, here with empty palms

Left waiting

Left waiting

Left wading, in your waters

God, please trouble my waters

They overflow into

In two

We so trusted

Not acknowledging the trinity taught

In the sight of the moon and sun

I stand, to see

Then, to be seen, by the falling & rising ones

You'd love it here in between day and night

It's so quiet, here

Where our minds become silent and our bodies become solid

As if monoliths made to love, in that spot foreverů