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Topic subjectRE: spittin bout nothin: add on
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72093, RE: spittin bout nothin: add on
Posted by Purple, Sat Jan-19-08 09:47 PM
Like hoes that spit out seamen
Im gonna spit out fire like a motha fuckin demon
You need ta be believen
That im reachin a new level
Im a new rebel a real devil
Im a boulder my rhymes r fuckin pebels
Let it be known Im set in stone
Im full grown this is my own
May it be reaped n may it be sown
Im in my zone Im the king of the throne
N I wont be over thrown over my very own...lyrics
Serious u gonna be wary at home, hear this!
Cuz I might come thru
Dunz u, punk u, u flunked school
But its my fault cuz I cant instruct fools
When Im rappin its like thunder clappin
Im just reactin n thats when it happens
The satisfaction of action
Dentyne fire blastin my mouth with fresh breathe
So you know when I spit its hot til death
Becuz my ways paved men
Im savin a small place for satin in my heart
God aint sayin we gotta hate him but it aint hard
Yet some do still I dont praise him for bein dark
Ill rebuke u dude for foolish tools u use on man
N i know u damned but damn I cant hate u man

must be something we sayin!