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Topic subjectRE: spittin bout nothin: add on
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72081, RE: spittin bout nothin: add on
Posted by godsweat, Sat Jan-19-08 03:22 AM
dead man walkin, since the birth of my seed,
since my first breath, that's something I'm certain to see,
then I found Christ, or was he searching for me,
and everything I do, He was just working through me,
hell is hot, so I go to church in the heat,
my cuz found religion after churchin through me,
the flows deep, but its the surface you see,
wander the streets, didn't know what my purpose would be,
can't watch my mouth, its the soul of a person who speaks,
maybe its the flow and the verses you read,
because the last thing you remember, is the first thing you see,
some cats value life, but that's worth less to me,
each moment is a journey, that's the purpose of we,
since adam and eve, we've been cursed into be,
it hurts us to breathe, why are we here,
why does the anti-christ and four devils drive us through fear,
that's why when I'm sleep, the bibles are near,
and say prayers loud enough for rivals to hear,