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Topic subjectspittin bout nothin: add on
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72075, spittin bout nothin: add on
Posted by 2 Lettas, Fri Jan-18-08 03:01 PM
Speech, speech, what do yall want from me?
Yall want me to make a statement like a credit card company
I won't run from God's Word, but my words might run from me
How can you understand me if you don't stand under me?
2 Lettas, the mouth piece for Bible pages
Lyrical prowess and spirit collide on stages
The Word in my life allows me to press on
Loose the remote, walk to the tv, press on
Christ was nailed to the cross; girl's nails are pressed on
Bride to Christ but you'll never see me with a dress on
Dress warm, hat, gloves, but no scarf
I walk through the hall swallowin one.... I won't cough
Tongue be da paint brush to create da scene
Got da double barrelled typhoon wit da laser beam
Couldn't believe Martin Luther King was part of their regime
I'll blast my fleshly desires until they fade to dreams
Satan tripped me up; my God doesn't like that
It's like Satan wrote me a letter cuz dawg I'm write back!