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71719, Eye
Posted by 2 Lettas, Thu Dec-20-07 12:33 AM
(I am fully aware of the correct spelling of envision)

My intention is exactly what I invision
I invision my reflection watching I invision
I in vision am searching for another eye in vision
Another eye in vision that notices that I invision
I in vision sees my intentions
My intention is to invision that I invision in vision
What my mind populates as thoughts is an eye invention
I'd be trippin if my eyes be slippin'
I'd eye a pair of eyes that wouldn't deny my eyes be glimpsin'
At a wide pair of thighs that I've lied to get another paragraph indention
For thirty seconds that ends in three seconds that my eyes be flippin'
I would still be I if I was flippin'
Just like the letter "I" would be "I" if "I" was flippin'
"I" upside down and right side up, "I" wouldn't be different
If I use the head on my shoulders I'd invision what I wouldn't be missin'
But if I use the wrong head, I couldn't invision because all my eyes would be missin'
71722, RE: Eye
Posted by ak_reborn, Thu Dec-20-07 10:13 AM

Simply Brilliant.
71727, RE: Eye
Posted by 2 Lettas, Thu Dec-20-07 02:14 PM
Glory to God! Thank you so much
71736, 2
Posted by Zin, Fri Dec-21-07 12:35 AM
yo man keep being a positive influence on the people that you come in contact with and keep giving and i invision intimate images that can only be invisioned thru righteous living ... be blessed
71738, RE: 2
Posted by 2 Lettas, Fri Dec-21-07 08:16 AM
Will do and thanks. In all seriousness, before I met you I couldn't invision my gift even being where it is now. And where it is now is just the beginning because now my eyes have been opened. What the future holds is truly amazing and an extreme blessing to everyone. That is in in my present vision.