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Topic subjectRE: you have better convos with men so....
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88418, RE: you have better convos with men so....
Posted by Babynoon, Wed Apr-20-11 11:16 AM
I decided to be as a tomboy writing you'we get further along than when I spoke to you as a Queen you'd get a little crazy'

Recall you saying "why are you so tender and so sweet as a dove"? and then you spazzed in the inbox " what are you trying to do???you are she ra! you are he man! you are sedooching me?"haha no typos

I'd say " wth, being a woman irritates you?that shouldn't if you are a man" then I got no response

you said you are not a lady when I questioned you...so I continued tu play along'

you don't know what you want? if I am a dude then check our track record of archives you'd speak so much knowing I were a ball hanging throp'relax bunny boo

I'm not wanting to sleep with you so you'd made it matter if I were or not' but i'm a woman playing along with te the lorde dookie
and adore your lovely plots feed me some more
apple motts baby'I want to be full

then pour honey blades all over you'like
a nasty mate you wish you had'hahaha not

be easy with me poopie'for I am all yours
and I hug you while drenched in wine and honey'hugging you up all stink n sticky

your poetry contender'dont take me seriously
we are having a goodtime?no?

do you love dwarf momma big lips?yes or no?
let me know

you know you love me,shuddup bytch. grinning