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Topic subject Liquid Love
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71672, Liquid Love
Posted by Babynoon, Mon Dec-17-07 10:58 AM
If I had a choice I'd let it all go n act like this water is pure'
My mind tells me that we were insecure'
To a point that every sip needed purification so that we may swallow'
It became so much over pouring of top notch then botched knocked misfortunes'
My moto got tapped dropped n the water'
I'm the tech destroyer
My tech supporter'jumped the boarder
He had mad orders to fix'check made payable to karma,
I'm thirsty for your mercy n the armory that you've left behind a straight falacy'
Believe in me like the others do'
You knew you knew'nanooo nan nooooo sitcoms is what we do'
I'm tired of you'do what you do'
Rock who you knew'
I'm thirstier than you'minus the 2'
We played the whole crew like they the fools'
How cruel are you?

Wash in the sea of truth and baby I will be there with you.