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Topic subjectRE: Reading between the lines
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67913, RE: Reading between the lines
Posted by invisible ink, Tue May-01-07 01:17 PM
this was my favorite part:
so he gazed into my eyes
riding down twenty
headed back to the westside
we make small talk about
how he don't like cigarretes
i'm the only one to every smoke
while in his car
he reminices on how my man
just stright out of the blue
offered him trees
"what kinda landlord, you getting, jai?"
is the question he's asking
and i sit there
i laugh a bit
then he turns to me
his eyes new with glee as he admits
"i would have smoked some green
if you would have too...

I'm not big on rhyming in poetry so when it got to that part i kinda switched off a bit...but this was most definitely felt...miss k