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67211, use,used
Posted by tonka truck, Thu Apr-12-07 01:33 PM
she had to have it so she had 2 be used
packing crews rocking homeless steer phews

telling the police ghetto news i wouldn't
want to be in yo shoes officer shepard

believing a leapord being hopeful but hope
is in that dope she smokes ropes

around roots hang men bubbling in a pen
pan sin sizzling should release dark side and start killing

taking my shit don't fit it encryptic
beat it bow down bamboo like a sling shot

in the chaos having no gain waiting fire
thrown to drop see it takes time to make it to the top

basically with no pops snipe's money train
it's hard to make me stop even paul wall ing wit mischevious cops

hip hop don't know wits covered underground dust
off the out layer no not a player like snoop

after choking on that evil bud irag finest
moving like a lion in hoops cheer leader tap dancing in boots

that's my winter ice showing off her moves
giving me the game the hooks and fade aways proved

to fail behind in crack jungles disciples bungle
a week of no money no food no women it's the end

break'n white rhinos over white boys you called rebels
soldiers i think toys caught up in the cross

fire on asian spoons witch craft one of ta trio
shouldn't mingle wit not responsible 4 lost serial

number or stolen jewels forced to be jew ish
stacking pennies using the system first welfare dish

how i miss the lone star analyzed by under the serpents
measurement bars fort knox yanking dragon teeth

holding on to belief flyng wit pegasus in dallas
night sky pondering reasons why it's got 2 be

like this left alone in a used condom resting limp
on the curve paparazzi shrimp cell phones

catching me in the act jumping on his back