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Topic subjectdvs oh no!!!!!!!!
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83079, dvs oh no!!!!!!!!
Posted by Ezzsential, Fri Nov-06-09 06:21 PM
been fiendin to rip these dudes they old with lost soul
one leg working now im twirkin that beat on ya roll
roll call, you on call-prostitution payin tolls
dvs give it up boy-you too old
its like ima man gotta mold
and shape these dudes, on some straight school
dvs, spits are wacker than a mule
followin a carrot
bust your cabbage, im above average
your rhymes wonder years status, fred savage
growin pains clown, on some kirk camereron,
but fuggit you be my butler mr belevedere wearin
that suit laced up to ya neck bitch, tight collar
you dudes aint up to par now, nothin to offer
and im a schollar, better yet okps finest braller
fuck that shyt, i can make it even wit a dollar
but dvs dollaz make no cents, leave u marked like them indians
makin dents in ya forhead
i get morbid, i go around u cats like im stuck in orbit
on axis
these cats is actress, im the judge behind the case boy sharpenin my mallot
and you lost, so fuggit, like u said
chalk it up to the next win
you can stand behind me when i blow and be my video ho
doin sidebins===bitch

havent been intimate with anyone in over 6 months!