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67008, Vitali
Posted by Universal Truth Allah, Fri Apr-06-07 03:57 AM

a challenge was extended, a challenge that was met,

you got trounced in that joust, i excalibur'd ya neck!

and now i just regret the damage to ya self esteem,

feels like, i'm jackin babies for a bag of jelly beans.

or like i r kelly'd teens, man my mama raised me better!

but she told me never ever take no shit off crazy heifers,

even bitches, hoes, queens, women, ladies or whatever...

you think pimpin ain't easy? lately it's a pleasure

i detect a shaky tremor, a quaver in ur larynx...

break her in and leave her straight afraid and embarrassed

i glared with my foot firmly planted in her rear

then i kicked her to the curb like an empty can of beer

while all my fans cheered, yellin, "yay! now spit a flow!"

the love me even more than Ukraine loves Klitschko...

in case ya didn't know, you fuckin witta pimp Ezzsential,

you are not your screen name, i am fuckin quintessential...