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66982, UTA
Posted by Ezzsential, Thu Apr-05-07 10:06 PM
yo UTA-I bring UFO tactics to ya rap-ture
suck u in faster than the black hole on backspin
reverse the earth and blow back fast wind
put the pigment bac in ur tin man slogans-
cuz ur promotin nothin but ur own erection-and i go for hemoglobin
on ya homophobics-
not to mention
i am global n bring tension to rise tides, so who the fugg u testin?
kid, you'll be sectioned to come up with somthin better than
ur washed out mockery sentences
look in a glossary and invent som
cuz my shit is arthritis
crackin endless diss on u writers

damn that was wack, i need a break!

shouldn't say it all or it will be taken
stolen by the Devil
God's my only vacation