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66973, oooo..
Posted by Ezzsential, Thu Apr-05-07 09:44 PM
yo chick peep tha archives n you'll see i battled for many days
but writin a good battle requires braggadocio anyways...
see, i dont care about a rook or vet label
lay it on the table
ur shit aint hittin me chick-its equipped wit
fairies n rainbows
come at me- from a different angle
before i strangle u faster than kane did abel
u stay slow, n what the fuck u talkin about numbaz for?
shit made no cents- like what ya dolla holds
im tempted 'ta
throw ya molds and stencils and ur uneven barr tempo
unda rent-a center agenda putin bends in ya mental
sista ur crudentials dental when i drill in the treason
meanin to change the season-cuz ur fallin like autumn leaves and
ur kickin rap softer than pourage-ur homage i overstand
& talk is cheap ima sweep ur left overs into a garbage can

shouldn't say it all or it will be taken
stolen by the Devil
God's my only vacation