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Topic subjectI doubt it..thanx for welcoming me back though. HOLLA
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66947, I doubt it..thanx for welcoming me back though. HOLLA
Posted by marijane, Thu Apr-05-07 11:38 AM
no smile I metophile lyrically rape chicks with metaphors
hetero but I get in yours
average is what you settle for
You claim Ezzential but I heard what you speak
you put the Z's in instramentalz
verses snore to the beat
you cursed to boring the streets
you need much more to compete
just cause you vet'ran think you bet'than
bitch who told you it's SUITE?

E-Z-e go get ya blood count up
I'm keeper of crips
I'm so syncere i emcee sickle you
600 and shit
I pin chicks under my fist
just call me legends of fall
in case my battle raps
get scattered
you can cuddle with this

It's not Beanie Seig or J-Hov!