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Topic subjectdog wtf u be talkin about
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66893, dog wtf u be talkin about
Posted by Ezzsential, Wed Apr-04-07 08:29 PM
Yo u diss my shit cuz u donít understand the phase
Its like I dip and come back on a different stage
A different level- dog u mello yello- ur vocab never exceeded past the second grade
Hello? Sorry to tell u, but u bust club banga clasics, shit aint original more like fiddle theatrics
And puppet presentations, im waitin to leave u-mutilated- in plastic-bags
My tags- complex like writing in arab-ur shit is so predictable dog- yo donít even say that
Cuz I know what ur gon say before u even write it or recite it
& im fightin ya tighty whitey spits, in lipstick dint even bite it
With thongs on, flip ya baton and broke the fuckin bar
Son Now be gone , cuz Ill fuckin won ton
& apply shackles ya lactose rap flows
Kickin wack prose- see Iím a rap pro
Aint no hassle- to put ur body mangled and carry it by tote
Cuz murder was written dog, and murder she wrote

shouldn't say it all or it will be taken
stolen by the Devil
God's my only vacation