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Topic subjectRE: battle sex?! lol
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66860, RE: battle sex?! lol
Posted by tonka truck, Wed Apr-04-07 11:09 AM
rejected trophy wife calling for jesus to save yo life
crying that everybody is after me bitch you just sound crazy
lazy left i why you even have to go there i stroke yo hair
now you believe i care yeast infested lips i c crab jumping
over cancer t rex pussy pit fall giving niggas lock jaw from just one look you really the crook stealing signs i gave you the answer but you laid there in the manifestation had to face it the as this virus ravage yo body whitney put down the rock in get back inthe studio maybe you'll be on the radio if you just let go of this fantasy
of you in me i was just having fun roasting yo buns on a open fire
now you want to call me a liar you just stuck steal feeling the effect of my pliers the game is strong you been here to long so go on or become a fixature in my mixture of strawberry drag queens i'll have you walking the streets like stream selling body for a heaed half wodden dollar china doll sick trying to wake you up by shaking yo collar come if you a baller i'll let you sleep at my feet
until you can catch up to me i'm not a g but i'm the mark of estacy
feeling me got you leaking mastery hahahah love ma!