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66824, brought
Posted by Universal Truth Allah, Wed Apr-04-07 01:24 AM

the fireball face flow melt ya avalanches,

i butchers more heifers than texas cattle ranches,

weak battle stance, chick you throw like a broad,

you write like an emcee that don't like their job.

HOE!! it's lightnin rod, daddy takes no lip,

take a bold bitch, make her shut her cake hole quick,

and the game don't quit, i ain't callin you a bitch,

but if the shoe fits, then i'm hollerin that shit.

bitches came at flash, w they head's fulla air

they're wishin i would spank their ass and pull they hair

foolin w a play'r! i can't stand it dammit!

they frantic tryna get up in ya man's banana hammock...

can it like a soda, and maybe save ya pride

you will get left stranded if you take me for a "ride"

when you was thinking you could take me home from the bar?

i went and fetched the valet, then i stole ya car...