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Topic subjectbring it kid! ill set..
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66786, bring it kid! ill set..
Posted by Ezzsential, Tue Apr-03-07 09:53 PM
yo kid quit the disclaimer and get to the rippin
ur gettin me more smitten to roll avalanches on ya mittens
ya cute as a kitten antics- do no damage
they just provoke my stamina to reach for more realness
i can gets gore on yur tactics, cuz rap actors i savage
more like salvage- chek the rap hist son-cuz its marriage

ur shits babycarriage blasphemic garbage
i harness ya butter bars and strongarm the suicide
slaughter ya drastic netbars into homace-cide
take u for a ride-dont make me brainstorm on ya corns
ur teeter totter martyr holds no weight so be warned
now decide- do u want to step to me? cuz killa bees swarmed
on nubulous netcee nonemclature- u'll need a gator-ade
for the hannibal lector lecture- so walk out now dog, and be saved
u pushin the wrong buttons- cuz ur bangin' out ballets (bal-lay)
i be outside like "yo dude, go get my valet"
as i lay-on the okp hammock-and turn rappers into sandwich on the bandwidth real quick, u go bananas-now hear it...

BRING IT ALREADY! n stop bitchin!

shouldn't say it all or it will be taken
stolen by the Devil
God's my only vacation