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Topic subjectbattle sex?! lol
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66781, battle sex?! lol
Posted by Ezzsential, Tue Apr-03-07 09:28 PM
yo- ur battle sex is mad catalist
rather chovanist
but it's all good i owe u this-ingrave it in wood
more like cement better yet-i cant make my mind up...

u think u got me disoriented son
ill grab the fuckin gun
and pull a switch blade on ur wack rap charades-just for fun
i slay any emcee who tries to intimidate me-& make them a 24 hour -on the run
and just to reiterate G-ur about to get sonned
i strike blood, cuz i dont like mugs that be ice grillin me
on some netcee steez- so now u suffer penalties to the third degree
leave u on ur knees so long u spit ur pants with ur pleas
ur a bird B- big bird emcee- spitting abc 123's
makin no sense like havin 5 baby's daddys
no sense like the size of ur fuckin boner
cuz i seen u on montel as a potential donor
so u betta be careful about the bitches u try to outturn (hit)
cuz THIS RHYME'S STD kid and u just got BURNED (spit)

shouldn't say it all or it will be taken
stolen by the Devil
God's my only vacation