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Topic subjectRE: ILL RIP ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!
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66721, RE: ILL RIP ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by tonka truck, Tue Apr-03-07 09:56 AM
show off i wipe you juice of my dick
and spit out you words on the sheets
you been sweet on my style grabbing head borads going wild
fuck the crowd don't come down now
you beeh high so long you ain't wrong
taking you title easy if you want to
beat me you got come greasy wit the baby
oil and candles hand cuf you to the mantle then
maybe i'll be disable dismantle
and you can make me scream like
i'm a feind chasing those things that
bring down nigg soft like right figgs
shit nuke naked that's your best weapons
if you can't match this word play
get to stepping because i smacking booty cheeks
you speak into my lefty ear
my dear how you going to react
this was no disrepect but
a holla to get wit
prom date sounds great
but i'm not tony the tiger
i'm a lover from the gutter
cutting you like butter

she's got piss in you eyes

The End - To Everybody