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Topic subjectILL RIP ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!
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66616, ILL RIP ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Ezzsential, Mon Apr-02-07 02:28 AM
yo-your sound more garbage than cars in impound
I'll fuckin run laps around u bitch-like this was 8 mile
cuz opporunities knockin, child
for me to dismantle u-and leave ur evidence to the cops
u compare me to cat nip-but ur shit is litter box
and u cant even form a sentence that makes sense and mad borin'
ur shit is monotoned-leave cats snorin-callin for the lord and
its just a bunch of clutters full of mad stuntin
u frontin forreal kid- u emcee and im yawnin'
ur shit is for the birds barney bambi fawns and
straight swayze like patrick singin for the ladies
i can go on for days about this kid and say "its all gravy"
when i walk out of this post after I expose ur transgender
u'll be sittin wit grandma fuckin weavin sweaters
tryin to enter another profession cuz i ended ya netcee occupation
and ur rhyme days will be played along with mary j's reminscin'

shouldn't say it all or it will be taken
stolen by the Devil
God's my only vacation