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Topic subjectyou wish you were as real as me.
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65623, you wish you were as real as me.
Posted by Morehouse, Tue Mar-20-07 02:48 PM


logarithmic rhythm
vision is math in motion
creation is inward observation
manifested into vision
only as profound as its rhythm

you thought this poem
was about me (it is)
you thought this poem
was about you (it was)- but

it really be about us
and how coming together
was a starshine magnificent
a cave worth getting lost
in b/c of what was found
and speechless wonder
the silence

beauty be
walking through a mirror
coming out real
on the other side

be shooting shit
til crystal appears
some blue ocean
never seen
on the corner in front
of BIG D's liquor

but that's beside the point
exclamation without explanation
the words are a path
follow it/

find me,
resting inside
the subtlety of
staring at simile
questioning as/


myself is sculptor of
your body’s idiom:
the musician of your wrists;
the poet who is afraid
only to mistranslate
a rhythm in your hair...
-E.E. Cummings