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Topic subjectworkd'em out at a spoken word last night, w/these;
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63556, workd'em out at a spoken word last night, w/these;
Posted by 1stCorinthians4_1-13, Thu Feb-01-07 05:28 PM
>As I stay epitome o’what our Constitution started
>Until *Black & dark* prejudice are “dearly departed”
>...I combed Baby girl’s heads & walked’em to Kindergarten
>Helped w/ 1ST-Grader-Homework ‘til mommy's Hearts hardened!
>So I bleedz *female thieves took KIDS* from me!
>Got more *Deceit* than that serpent in the Garden ‘won’ Eve
>So I spit it at poltroon critics who get livid
>See, I live it, and castigating liars hate that I’m vivid
>When deliverin’ bars on how my morale got marred!
>Until I’m charred & scarred wherever Equality is barred!
>So I don’t dwell on the past cause, that’s useless
>But I use it! To veraciously forecast Futures!
>WHEN Powerful Racists dine on Hip-Hop thru Soundscan
>Where Blacks are like swine, ‘ole, fat, round Hams
>OR…Black lackeys bowing down forgetting, FACT 1
>The more we accept, the LESS we become

and...you already *know the sco'* on audience reactions