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Topic subjectGotta'giv'it Up...
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63010, Gotta'giv'it Up...
Posted by 1stCorinthians4_1-13, Mon Jan-08-07 07:44 PM
Onstage or online I bond to “Leave ‘em In Sorrow!!”
Staring at the monitor like it’s “NO Tomorrow!”
But truth-done-hit for’sho, they really know tomorrow
Equals, DUBYA, monitoring silence on Racism’s horror
While the ‘Hood just rhyming to go PLAT or Gold
As mine exist fine as “Memoirs of The Soul”
No A & R Controller with A shot-calling urge
I’m sole comptroller deciding all that’s purged
With no prancing veRAPcity styles onto the masses
Just ‘Slow enhances’ yo cognizances like, molasses!
‘til ya fly like doves so racists, heat me up
God rewards much bigger than wutcha cheat me of!
When veRAPcity hit like Black Male Sentencing dockets
Push play “expecting more & get FAR MORE than expected!”
Cause we compete for Justice versus Racists’ attitudes
Playing by unfair rules that they, ain’t having to!
So foolish friends…don’t trouble with Black's LIFE!
Just, combat White’s Racism treating Blacks trife
Or snitch to get rich...I’ll separate, and...be broke
Where lyrics paint pixels with that titanium coat
Call it Racism-Rap or “TREATS” Karma need
Cause Equality meet me and its sweet harmony
So corny blokes need chill b4 caps get peeled
Cause I still ‘KEYNOTE’ 2ND Amendment pal!
You Don’t care for libretto that mentals delve in!
Don’t swear Beethoven back to write 10 or 12 ‘nem!
Cause “Beyond Comprehension” ain’t my intentions
Yall won’t mention Racism, but knock my renditions!
So go ‘head, show love, for what ya don’t Understand
While I’m Luuuuvin’ being what they DON’T want to stand
When hurt in dispair that Racism sho’ yield
Come lurk with me through Nightmares thats so real ill!
________________________ ______________________
They suck YOU IN like a C E O?
who joined The U.N. to not see 'thee' foe
I wonder what he’ll do next for Pop Culture’s cheers?
Wander through Marcy Projects w/ Britney Spears?
And his boy…who out hollering 'Hip-Hop IS DEAD'?
But won’t tell *he supplied Arms* that got "it" there!
Like Ollie-North'did, but--------It’s not dead
Just, treason led or Pop-Culture bred
Except for them South nigz who, slicing bread
Cause it takes real bravery to keep it 'Slavery'
As he who killed HIP-HOP lives on, savoring!
In the flavoring for 2007’s severing
And here’s my special shout at ill, light-skin, dudes
Who peep Re-establishment of house niggu rule
Accrue loaves of bread, like nigz suppose to
But don’t forgive Corp. racists opportuning ‘ole hue
As I stay epitome o’what our Constitution started
Until *Black & dark* prejudice are “dearly departed”
...I combed Baby girl’s heads & walked’em to Kindergarten
Helped w/ 1ST-Grader-Homework ‘til mommy's Hearts hardened!
So I bleedz *female thieves took KIDS* from me!
Got more *Deceit* than that serpent in the Garden ‘won’ Eve
So I spit it at poltroon critics who get livid
See, I live it, and castigating liars hate that I’m vivid
When deliverin’ bars on how my morale got marred!
Until I’m charred & scarred wherever Equality is barred!
So I don’t dwell on the past cause, that’s useless
But I use it! To veraciously forecast Futures!
WHEN Powerful Racists dine on Hip-Hop thru Soundscan
Where Blacks are like swine, ‘ole, fat, round Hams
OR…Black lackeys bowing down forgetting, FACT 1
The more we accept, the LESS we become