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Topic subject85' where it ends
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61436, 85' where it ends
Posted by empro, Wed Oct-25-06 01:06 AM
Take it back to puttin salt on snails
Before dope pack movement and digital scales
All these things became reasons lyrics impales the frails leaving their dick tucked between their coat tails
White lines with black ink remind me to think of all my comrades licked in jail cells
Fuck cats who get a deal and get "bling'd out"
Niggas be the 1st to get hit when shots ring out
Someone must have told em bullet wounds help boost record sales
I'm at ground zero, last action hero playing the Devil's Advocate
Who sprays accurate brining "Heat" down on yall like Pacino did to De Niro
More official than an ordered pistol or a black & white shirt blowing a whistle
This is prophetizing poetry towering over kids like weeping willow trees
I'm on the corner..on the stoop where the poets be
It's too late, they all been filled with hate and their inner shell hardens
I got the key to the secret garden
So What now?
Watch me bus' rounds faster than Greyhound and murder rap clowns with nouns
Slice and dice limbs from timbs
I'm pullin strings outta your top 10's the smack em for setting wack trends
Who's really right in the argument though? It all depends
But all this air pollution with no solution made me come to the conclusion....
God and Satan must really be friends.
72538, RE: 85' where it ends
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Sat Mar-01-08 05:30 PM
I ain't been around for awhile, so I been missin' your "acidic" lyricals -- :(

I know this is an oldie, but it's still got summm venom innnit -- :9