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61405, Hair
Posted by stellarstar81, Mon Oct-23-06 04:48 PM
Today I was approached by a latina sister.
The conversation was nice, very cordial.
She went on to admire my hair
and soon, her visual admiration turned into vocal evaluation.
As she said... "Hey your locs are really nice."
“Thank you”
“I mean…they’re really clean!”
I just chuckled. Hoping it would end there.
But, unfortunately, she wanted to say a little more about our hair.
She said, “I mean you have ‘semi-good’ hair. You don’t even need locs.”
And in that moment, I tried… I tried really hard to contain myself within myself.
But… something needed to be said.

Please sister, let me explain to you the fallacy of your reality.

See, what you’re doing is called presupposition.
You have accepted a role in society and you’re trying to put me in my position.

What you saw as a compliment, I see as an insult.
My hair is not an escape, but an expression of the occult.

What the fuck is “semi-good” hair!?
Do NOT place your mental bondage on me.
What should be obvious and plain to see is that

Hair like wool, wielding power & strength.
Your hair is lifeless, mine radiates.

Certainly no disrespect to you as your comments were sincere.
But, I’ll have to flip what you’ve said in order to make you hear.

Maybe…you’re the one with “semi-good” hair.

61406, RE: Hair
Posted by the_best_part, Mon Oct-23-06 07:00 PM
61407, RE: Hair
Posted by Street Disciple, Mon Oct-23-06 07:14 PM
wow. nice.