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Topic subjectRE: Verbal Intercourse pt. 1
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61121, RE: Verbal Intercourse pt. 1
Posted by ak_reborn, Thu Oct-12-06 01:30 PM

Yo,Yo,verbal intercourse,
yet i show no remorse,
stay on course,
then extract the killa mc force,
and them air forces,
ones when i run,
spitting picture making,
jack the rippa shit,
dream chasing,
keep the hype talk minimal,
and brain teasing,
my rhymes are cyincal,
keep you pleeding while im pacing.
Empro keep the b.a.r,
spraying shells,
that elevate you well,
or be scarred,
star struck fools,
visualising the realism of north london schools,
use your loaf and stay astray,
from this savage coz i pack more heat,
more heat then melting shells cooking out on your street.