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Topic subjectVerbal Intercourse pt. 1
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61092, Verbal Intercourse pt. 1
Posted by empro, Thu Oct-12-06 04:06 AM
With one memory
Head against the wall ... in comes an epiphany
Which led to me composing the sweetest symphony
Only momentarily do I escape threats, regrets, and sympathy
My mind is all lights, cameras,ACTION..... Glitter and gold
I unfold the scroll and proceed to write then recite the story it told
This was the hottest summer, but each passing day my body turned cold
In the Wild Wild West where thugs rolled chronic and stress
Often protected their chest with Teflon vests
And they ain't giving a fuck what you hold...
That's why I keep my heat off safety
Out on the cold streets I compose beats tapping rhythms with my feet
Praying I come home safely
Not claiming to be the hardest
And I never run when confronted...I'm no escape artist
But verbally I move stacks and packs of whites & blacks like piano keys
So come a little closer to the toaster and take down your "cool"
It's the same old shit, but each day breads a new fool
You can't learn street smarts from any scroll no matter the area
The City will bleed cuz it's not gettin what it needs and it's causing mass hysteria
And it's goin out everywhere, beware,
My flows up in the air like malaria
Fire off rapidly it had to be
The massacre that occurred when gritty green eyes blurred
Words became slurred and the Devil's angels were heard
Yall ain't even read shit yet
Part 2. is certified when I personified to get you wet