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61083, Incoming
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Oct-11-06 05:58 PM

Yo,I grew to unfold,
plans to stampede the globe,
were overrun,
by dirty scum,
who tryed put me in a choke hold,
yet know when minds i mould,
my scriptures,
to paint pictures,
incoming while im running on empty,
thoughts used over,
but i treasure every one since its been over,
and i hold up,
my head,
looking for a better tommorow,
lives are at stake,
yet i feel the sorrow,
my brain cells,
into a better state,
of perplexed thoughts,
and meaningless hate,
incoming call,dialling 999 till i fall,never give in,
lyrical abortion,
never that real,
to the point of no return,
i had have stepped and i feel,
my life..is incoming,