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Topic subjecta Gentlemen's position.
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61082, a Gentlemen's position.
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Oct-11-06 05:41 PM

Yea,this gentleman's reason,
is discpline and meaning,
treat a women like a lady,
not a tramp or a crack baby,
give all i gotta give,
thats if she the one,
stand my ground,
tough stance like this son,
grew up alone,
but i know the rules,
never misuse or abuse,
get agressive or cut my fuse,
try stay tempermental,
like how i feel when i hear the instrumental,
correct manners,
seat her properly,
wine and dine,
only when shes ready,
ima take her back to mine,
but once we hit the matress,
a gentlemens position,
is to be agressive,
show her whose boss,
make love,dirty thoughts,
body's entwine while we hug,
a gentlemen to a lady but otherwise im that thug,
the typa to make me wife her,
if she makes me think twice,

not another wild party drunken night.