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Topic subjectWritten to for the summer beat
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61060, Written to for the summer beat
Posted by Musa, Tue Oct-10-06 11:29 PM
I dont preach but use beats to release my speach thesis
hopefully it reach eardrums and show direction

of an interovert still connected to the dirt
gritty habitat I mirror wit my attitude and acts

embodiment of rebellious folk that wont fold
use this platform for the story thats untold

like DuBois wit a flow kick the souls of black folk
but just a step away from gun toters crack smokers

Lost hopeless but when my pen wrote this
internal light provokes him the hate surrounds and chokes some

visualize the ropes and chains around the necks of those who were enslaved realize their toils why Im here it helps me maintain

through the powerless sectors looking for victims to get reckless
to prove ya manhood you got to leave another breathless

deprive em of possessions supplied wit many weapons use my head to rise above and change the slave impression