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Topic subjectTick Tock.
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61055, Tick Tock.
Posted by ak_reborn, Tue Oct-10-06 05:41 PM

Yo,Second by second,
minute by minute,
you can catch me on corners or in studios spitting,
hour by hour,
i increase my income,
invest in the best,
make a mistake and then some,
but,life goes on,
and so does time,
the clock tick tocks while im getting mine,
with this fine,
lady,coz thats how i treat her,
as my baby,
so grateful shes mine,i take my time,
to perfect,
never abuse this interlect,
my life concept is,
commonly pessomostic,
try to be optimistic,
but time flys by within the blink of an eye,
one day you got it all,
the next your telling lies,
this rhyme defies,
time,and how i spend it,
life is a precious gift,
like guitar riffs,
most stay smokin their spliffs,
i aint spitting myths,
but story telling in the making,
known as dome filling make you brain ache n,
i keep em coming one rhyme at a time,
while the tick tock makes my brain clock and lay it line by line.