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Topic subjectComparative Rapping
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61035, Comparative Rapping
Posted by The Lyric, Tue Oct-10-06 03:35 AM
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Yea, strapped explosives to the chest
Blew up into a million bits and laid to rest
20 grand for his family, you call him a terrorist
Next, strapped gats and a bullet proof vest
Blew up into millions units of CD's, yes
A dead gangsta rapper you call him but at best,
in the West, or above the Nile, we all in denial
that some of the so called gangsta rappers
are as self-destructing as suicide bombers
Yet to Ahmed we say, "That cat's so stupid"
And to MC Self-Destruct, "He's so gangsta"
Meanwhile you 6ix feet deep in casket
And your record label heirarchy reaps the respect
you were defending in a fuckin' club
Now, your son is without a father
And you just traded your life
for less than 5 cents on the dollar,
You dumb fuck!