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Topic subjectBanger 4 tha streets
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60956, Banger 4 tha streets
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Oct-06-06 01:43 PM

Yo,Remain the renegaid,
i was born to enflame,
my role,
written in scrolls since the ancient days,
london ways,
cats be phased,
toejam is amazed,
fuck the age,
wisdom spilling as each drop of rain be dripping,
and gaze,
at this underage illegal guage,
crush you with a touch of forces that blaze,
mimic my movement like a civic,
or civil rights movement,
and give it,
that touch of lyrical smootheness,
itz a banger for tha streets,
keep ya hands on ya heat,
lips around the circumference of that spliff,
and lift,
excel when i propel the game with lyrics that make you exhale,
smoke coz you croke from this bullet for a meal,
never deal,
just gamble,
this life has gotme strangled,
but a banger for the streets keeps you wrangled,
around this content,
coz thats how it was meant,
to be,or not to be?
make my appearance clear,
clear cut,so sincere,
when i drop,you star struck.