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Topic subjectThe phase
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60910, The phase
Posted by ak_reborn, Thu Oct-05-06 12:31 PM

Yo,I kick it with precision,
aknowledge my minds decision,
coz ak's on a mission,
stay flippin,
yet throw the clip in,
verbal 9,
herbal rhymes,
this soon to be sixteen hittin hard at times,
above mention,
out of your dimension,
coz this potential is essential and nothing more then credential,
no battle commencing,
stay fencing the opposition,
coz my position,
keep you gettin more then armaggedon,
my karma gettin,
worse by the phase that occurs,
diversify the streets with them hiphop beats,
and stay moving,
the silent movement,
unable to process my progress on a chart,
coz when i hit i spark,
i came quick with remarks,
that tore faces like disorder to nothing more then faceless,