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Topic subjectlove is love, love
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60880, love is love, love
Posted by robynwildchild, Wed Oct-04-06 01:20 PM
i adore the look of blue in his eyes
check my pulse to see if i'm still alive
infatuation is a curse

then sudden words permiate the surface of reality from the ethosphere
and in reflection
i can't really eat now
and i'm not hungry at all

even from a distance
the heart feels the will of resistance
steadfast in glancing persistance
to over come the everchanging void of insistance
the future is the past, only if I can find the patience

i love in a way that can't be found
i love in a house that might have drowned
i love in a town that beat me down
and i'm still around
so that i can transform the phoenix
in order for my goals to peak next
in light of the self assessment and knowledge attained

let there be no game

if you can't see through the rain and fog and mist
then can adoration really fold into bliss
and in those days i don't know if i'll get by, stay alive

but too close is just the same as too far away

i like what i have recieved
that love is love, love
and i need give love to be loved

in the witching hour's sentence of a heartbeat
in which i just might fall
from love to love in love through love around love

catch me in the wind
when i ascend
60901, nice...
Posted by KnowOne, Thu Oct-05-06 10:25 AM
60906, RE: love is love, love
Posted by stellarstar81, Thu Oct-05-06 11:15 AM
definitely feeling this...