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Topic subjectWhile in an Engineering (student) Lounge, on...
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60843, While in an Engineering (student) Lounge, on...
Posted by 1stCorinthians4_1-13, Tue Oct-03-06 01:29 PM
campus of a local college here, this week;

I was orating to some students regarding the veracious effects of White-Racism, in technology. And unfortunately, a young black-lackey accompanied by a stealth-racist approached and asked me about the recent Duquesne Univ. shootings regarding BlackPeople. Well, after setting him on the right track re: what race reigns supreme when it comes to instances of random, egregious, Acts of violence on Americans, he began to taunt me re: the angle of veRAPcity styles that I had just gave the group a quick-synopsis, of.

He asked/dared me to let him hear me *spit something*, anything, and he had nerve to get more "mockery-type persistent" (asking me if I knew any mother gooses' rhymes to spit for the people) as I tried to ignore him further. I then went into informing the group on some veracious elements of white-racism to be validated by the upcoming U.S. 2010 Census.

Now, the main antagonizing-dude, finally became tooooo embarassing in continuing on his antagonism, so I hit him with these;


You like when greed keep from being a brothers’ keepers?
Especially if he had a home but, couldn’t keep her?
When a foot deeper in trouble, now, with fascists
Whose caste’ spell on Conservatism, proved disastrous!
Like my real nigz and bruhs needin large pockets
When ya hustle now funds Terrorism on, Fed dockets
Of, white racists thinking 'The Promised Land' is hither
As Gods real nigz still ain’t crossed that Jordan River!
Stuck where, Soundscan-BubbleGUM Hip-Pop locks mentals
Where bucks rap from Pens when musing them pencils!
For NO mistakes…when 'no taste' for whats faked as Great
Has really been downhill since, 1988!!
So in putting yall FIRST, it was, myself I give
So lames spookd of gettin murkd, can now, go live!
As I stay, epitome, of what our Constitution started
‘til Black male preju-disses are, dearly departed!!
I combed baby-girls’ heads, walked ‘em to kindergarten
Combed thru 1ST Grader-homework ‘til, womens’ hearts harden
So I bleedz “female-thieves-took-KIDZ” from me!!
Got mo' deceived than, Serpent in the Garden, won Eve!
So I spit it, at poltroon-critics who get livid
See I live it and castigating-liars hate I’m vivid...
With delivering bars on how Morale got marred
Until I’m charred and scarred wherever Equality barred!
So don’t dwell on "The Past" cause, that is useless
Just use it, to veraciously cast The Future!
As powerful racists dine-on Hip-Hop thru Soundscan
Where Blacks are like swine…’ole fat, round Hams!
Or “black-lackeys-bowing-down”, forgetting “FACT1”
The more we accept, the less we become!