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61223, RE: 1st
Posted by tonka truck, Mon Oct-16-06 08:52 AM
not words but app-roach
smokes in ash tray kill season
targets ducks resting

v shape one leaves pack
finding public square burger
belly full pot luck

call it success when
your the only one who can
see ending blood shead

but for real that's between me and that bitch
i rip a new whole in his/her chest
take 2 paces backward like a knight in chess
use mr. clean to clean up the mess
pour out a little vodka and say he was bless

on the real i don't like these mf here
i just come here for intertainment
when ever the fuck people want to responsed
i feel like i'm holding all the keys
and i choose no to please
but to leave things as they are

jealousy is a mother fucker! duke
chill wit the applies
i rather not talk on personal levels?

p.s and i'm not you fam dick head