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Topic subjectRE: Please shut the fuck up
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60985, RE: Please shut the fuck up
Posted by tonka truck, Sat Oct-07-06 09:39 AM
bitch get down on
all fours fuck style i just
get wild and say what i want
got a problem ill rock them
after thoughts of toejam
spam i call you out along time ago
and you was like an afro
falling out
dick rider

come and create a bow tie
and watch you get punched in yo eye!

i don't give a dam about none of you
i shit on post and boast while eating
oats call me mr. feel good i'm happy
popping shit like bubble yum

The End To Everybody

P>S< i tried my soul for a knife i tried my soul to slice
i tried my soul for all those who ever took my shit for gran it
and tried to duplicate it i flying in hell but those who stole
from me is left behind wit no fucking bail because go tell
the supreme government i will not fail and i'm bringing
pharoahs army to spit over yo................figure it ass wholes!