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61039, I agree
Posted by ThaAnthology, Tue Oct-10-06 10:16 AM
Not going "back in the day" but folk have to remember that part of the beauty of this board and what seperated it from other places was the community feel here. It was like one big workshop. Sure, not everybody would reply, but for the most part-if it was wack it dropped. If it was good, at least five folk responded.

It's not about a "view all" it's about helping each other grow within our craft. Now granted there are some "lauretes" here. But they weren't always. It is because of the interaction and sharing from one another that helped us grow and become stronger poets, lyricists and overall artists.

We cannot afford to be picky and clique-ish here. There's too much of that in the rest of the world. This place is our home.
Eff a myspace, facebook and blah blah blah...

Some of us been here since the beginning, I know I got here in 2000.
I grew up here artistically, and as a person, as did a lot of us here.

Let's just get back to basics ya'll. Post, read, reply...nah'm sayin'? Let's see who the next great writers can truly be.

Love Always, your friendly neighborhood Ant.