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Topic subjectMake a Nigga Wanna Get Hype y0!!!
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60790, Make a Nigga Wanna Get Hype y0!!!
Posted by empro, Sun Oct-01-06 06:01 AM
The rap game is an open plain so watch me explore this
Most cats are only "HARD" after rigor mortis
On flows I get mean....I can give ya a clean 16
But add 10...that makes 26, just like Clinton Portis
My thoughts are all black like a coroner van
These words cleanse...even though your trapped inside my snipers lens
I shoot niggas like a camera man
More than a fan...I'm up all night doin evil shit like KLAN
Spittin isn't just a hobby
It's somethin I gotta do
It's suicide when I lyrically Kamikaze you
Move in silence, live with violence similar to the John Gotti crew
My time is long overdue
I'm still hungry, lookin for anything to eat like Chappelle licking titty residue
And this is only a small portion
The rest is unfinished like a 2nd trimester abortion
Rhyme extortion, I got all of OKP china white text snortin'
Jail house clothing, you'll never see me sportin'
I'm the headliner
Dressed in the highest designer
Surgical, verbal, Don Juan
Goin BIG like billboards for Sean John