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60745, RE: Not 2 Mention
Posted by tonka truck, Fri Sep-29-06 09:14 AM
no understanding just alot of empty demanding
of flash card riddles i spittle riddles in
heat of battle i side step rattle snakes
and take chattle and break i don't need knots
and king of poverty i bear that label poetry in motion
the king and me don't need a bee because
i'm high on sea you fall see flags but no
star and bars call cops to treason and left lessons to be learn
draging mad men into center of stage to burn
you think your following me on eagle wings
taped up in cds and slings half air force
one pipes but unable to sleep at night
i write truth you just fantasize
about having me in your live and that
just ain't wise i tell lies to keep balls jumping
you free style to get jaws sucking
dick riders hold on to contempt of court
i just fuck come and about classic of
whats the use i don't care about
these scriptures because forever
i can draw everlasting picture in temples of doom
wit a witches broom i clean sweep you a away

not 2 mention you can't handle anything and
more so see me in a ring!

The End - To Everybody