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60741, RE: Not 2 Mention
Posted by DeCisive, Fri Sep-29-06 08:58 AM
Look at you
Still overstanding
Supplying popular
Demanding understanding
Bringing drama for knot's landing
Trying to get knots landing
In the proper place
Maybe the paper will chase
Like paper chases my inspiration
Free... styles...
Barrier breaking
It's supreme now
Forever and a day
Check the pace
God speed
With keys for the kingdom
Niggaz still talking
Like they in desperate need of a beating
Till they barely breathing
I'm rarely needing energy
I'm Chicago raised
Street trained
Golden grain
Product to pain
Money maintaining
In environments ever changing
Find me on writer's block
Making positive changes...
Proping unstaged broad way play write
Sign of the time
Concrete line for lines
Designed to cut through time...

What wit it???